Transportation and Planning Leader Lynn Peterson Makes It Official, Files for Metro Council President

Transportation and Planning Leader Lynn Peterson Makes It Official, Files for Metro Council President

Longtime regional leader, former Clackamas County Commission Chair, and former Secretary of the Washington State Dept. of Transportation announces with strong statewide and local support


PORTLAND— Lynn Peterson, a former Clackamas County Commission Chair, state transportation advisor, planner, and trained engineer has made official her bid to succeed Tom Hughes as Metro President. Hughes, who led the three-county planning and management body for two terms, has endorsed Peterson.

“Lynn is perfectly positioned to address growing regional needs in traffic, affordable housing, protecting parks and open space and safeguarding our economy,” said Hughes. “Lynn understands the needs of both rural and urban communities in our Metro region. She will be a great leader to take us forward.”

Hughes is part of a growing list of leaders who have endorsed Peterson, including Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, former Governor Barbara Roberts, and dozens of current and former local, regional, and state level elected officials.

“Portland needs a regional partner to help make real progress in housing and homelessness,” said Mayor Wheeler. “We also need a strategic partner with transit and transportation expertise to help us grow and fix our infrastructure—a role Lynn is uniquely qualified to fill. I look forward to her leadership and partnership as Metro President.”

“Lynn has been a strong advocate for our smart planning and protecting what’s best about our neighborhoods and communities,” said Jim Bernard, Clackamas County Chair.  “Lynn will be the leader Metro — and our region — needs to ensure our affordability and livability.”

Peterson has been busy for the past several months exploring the race, raising funds and meeting with stakeholders throughout the three-county region in advance of the September filing period. She is so far the first and only candidate for the position.

“I’m excited to formally take this next step, and to engage in a broad conversation with our community about the challenges of our growing and diverse region,” said Peterson, who lives in Lake Oswego with her husband Mark and their Malamutes.

“We need new energy and leadership to help us come together as a region and tackle pressing issues like traffic, clean air and water, the cost of living, and opportunity for everyone. We anticipate that more and more people will continue to move here for the jobs and quality of life that were the vision of a previous generation of leaders. Now, it’s our job to step up and provide the vision and plan for the next generations.”

Peterson is also grateful for the early endorsements and support.

“I am honored by the vote of confidence from outgoing President Hughes, Mayors Wheeler former Governor Roberts, and so many of my former colleagues in city and county leadership such as Mayor Denny Doyle and Mayor Mark Gamba,” said Peterson. “And of course, the most valuable endorsements come from community leaders and people throughout the region who have shared their ideas, issues, and priorities with me so far—I promise to bring your values to this important role.”

To date, Peterson has raised over $105,000. The election in May 2018 could decide the winner if a 50% vote threshold is reached.

The current list of elected and regional leaders includes:


  • Barbara Roberts, Fmr. Governor of Oregon
  • Elizabeth Furse, Fmr. Member of Congress
  • Tobias Read, State Treasurer
  • Randall Edwards, Fmr. State Treasurer
  • Brad Avakian, State Labor Commissioner
  • Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland
  • Tom Hughes, Metro Council President
  • Carlotta Collette, Metro Councilor
  • Shirley Craddick, Metro Councilor
  • Kathryn Harrington, Metro Councilor
  • Robert Liberty, Metro Councilor
  • Bob Stacey, Metro Councilor
  • Michael Dembrow, State Senator
  • Sara Gelser, State Senator
  • Rod Monroe, State Senator
  • Floyd Prozanski, State Senator
  • Chuck Riley, State Senator
  • Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, State Senator
  • Janelle Bynum, State Representative
  • Margaret Doherty, State Representative
  • Sheri Malstrom, State Representative
  • Susan McLain, State Representative
  • Karin Power, State Representative
  • Jennifer Williamson, State Representative
  • Jim Bernard, Clackamas Co. Chair
  • Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah Co. Chair
  • Ken Humberston, Clackamas Co. Commissioner
  • Martha Schrader, Clackamas Co. Commissioner
  • Tammy Baney, Deschutes Co. Commissioner
  • Sharon Meiren, Multnomah Co. Commissioner
  • Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah Co. Commissioner
  • Greg Malinowski, Washington Co. Commissioner
  • Dick Schouten, Washington Co. Commissioner
  • Denny Doyle, Mayor of Beaverton
  • Peter Truax, Mayor of Forest Grove
  • Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie
  • John L. Cook, Mayor of Tigard
  • Marc San Soucie, Beaverton City Councilor
  • Wilda Parks, Milwaukie City Councilor
  • Ty Stober, Vancouver, WA City Councilor
  • Amanda Fritz, Portland City Councilor
  • Larry Morgan, Troutdale City Councilor
  • Dave Ripma, Troutdale City Councilor
  • Karl Rohde, Fmr. Lake Oswego City Councilor
  • Rob Wagner, Lake Oswego School Board Member
  • Sam Adams, Fmr. Mayor of Portland
  • Vera Katz, Fmr. Mayor of Portland
  • Tom Potter, Fmr. Mayor of Portland
  • David Bragdon, Fmr. Metro Council President
  • Brian Newman, Fmr. Metro Councilor
  • Jackie Dingfelder, Fmr. State Senator
  • Dick Springer, Fmr. State Senator
  • Brent Barton, Fmr. State Representative
  • Mike Burton, Fmr. State Representative
  • Greg Macpherson, Fmr. State Representative
  • Mary Nolan, Fmr. State Representative
  • Carolyn Tomei, Fmr. State Representative
  • Ben Unger, Fmr. State Representative
  • Jeff Cogen, Fmr. Multnomah Co. Chair
  • Bev Stein, Fmr. Multnomah Co. Chair
  • Judie Hammerstad, Fmr. Clackamas Co. Commissioner
  • Jules Bailey, Fmr. Multnomah Co. Commissioner
  • Lisa Naito, Fmr. Multnomah Co. Commissioner
  • Alice Norris, Fmr. Mayor of Oregon City
  • Donna Jordan, Fmr. Lake Oswego City Councilor
  • John Turchi, Fmr. Lake Oswego City Councilor